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The Institute of Natural Science was formed in August, 1997, by combining the mathematical science institute with the basic science institute in accordance with the similar institute merger policy designed to revitalize the institutes of our university. These two institutes were established in May of 1981 in accordance with the strong basic science fostering 1979 policy of the government implemented under the slogan of '科學立國(science will raise the nation)', and the institute now encompasses the fields of mathematical sciences, basic sciences, and applied sciences.

The institute strives to promote the efficient use of research materials possessed by the central education material faculty, the interchange of research information, the establishment of joint research projects, and the efficient fostering of high end manpower in the natural sciences department through joint efforts between the different departments as well as industry ? university ? research collaborated research.

In the future this institute will receive research projects that can be conducted jointly from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and the National Research Foundation etc., and focus on conducting institute operations and research projects that possess competitive capacities. Main projects include the publishing of the 'Natural Science Research Journal' , hosting international symposiums and seminars, technological exchange, technical information exchange, technical instruction and training involving corporations, academic interchange with related institutes, research projects commissioned from internal or external sources, providing guidance and technical services, and other projects necessary for achieving the goals of the institute.