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Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Scientist Positions available to study Pain Neurobiology at The University of Texas Health at San Antonio (UTHSCSA)


The laboratory of Dr. Yu Shin Kim is seeking to fill two postdoc fellow or research scientist positions to conduct research on basic, technically advanced and translational aspects of pain. The positions will be available immediately, and will be supported by new faculty startup funding at UTHSCSA.



Research topics in the lab include:

1. Identifying novel plasticity mechanism underlying the transition from acute to chronic pain

2. Examining the mechanism of Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) 

3. Determining the mechanism of ongoing pain and evoked pain

4. Characterizing the contributions of central terminal hypersensitivity of DRG neurons to chronic pain 

5. Uncovering the mechanisms by which damages in skin nerve terminal contributes to chronic pain conditions


The lab will use following approaches to accomplish the goals, behavioral assessment of nociception in rodents, fluorescence, multiphoton microscopy, in vivo imaging tools, immunohistochemistry, basic molecular biology and protein biochemistry, and/or electrophysiology.  


Candidates must have completed the requirements for the PhD degree or equivalent (neuroscience or a related scientific discipline) by the time of beginning their fellowship.  They should also have a strong record of biomedical research accomplishment.  Experience and training in electrophysiology is preferred but not required. Prior experience in in vitroor in vivotime-lapse imaging will be appreciated.


In addition, the successful candidates for a position should display the following characteristics:

1) Strong motivation

2) Ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team to carry out creative and advanced pain research

3) Strong record-keeping skills

4) Ability to rationally design, execute, and interpret experiments

5) Willingness to work with experimental rodents



Applicants interested in the position should send their curriculum vitae, along with contact information for three references, to Dr. Yu Shin Kim at yushink@gmail.com. Be sure to include the subject line: Research Scientist or Postdoc fellow Positions



Yu Shin Kim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Dentistry

UT Health San Antonio

7703 Floyd Curl Drive, 

San Antonio, TX 78229

E-mail: kimy1@uthscsa.edu or yushink@gmail.com

Phone: 210-450-3100





The UTHSCSA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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